Prologue: Power Rising, part 3

The first thing John saw was an angel. She was exquisite, with strawberry blonde hair, a round, freckled face, intense green eyes, and a lithe, athletic body. A feeling of lightness filled him as he stared up at her, as if he wasn’t quite solid. She was holding his hand. Strangely, John couldn’t see any wings.

"Hey," the angel said.

"Hey," John rasped.

"You had us worried," she continued. Her eyes glistened slightly.
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Prologue: Power Rising, part 2

"John! Chuck! You’re just in time!" A tall, large woman waved to the computer jockeys as they entered a cavernous white room. A partially demolished cityscape was sprawled across the floor, and various figures, vehicles and containers were along one wall. Behind the lady who greeted them, several other people were setting up a machine that had a nozzle aimed at the far end of the "city."

"Susan!" John smiled and waved back. "Is Blitzreich ready to die yet?"
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Prologue: Power Rising, part 1

"Hey, John! You gonna fiddle with that shot all day?"

John Wilson looked up from his Mac as he favored his cubicle-neighbor with a confident smile. "Perfection, Chuck, is in the eye of the beholder. And when twenty million people are going to behold our work, it’s my job to make them see perfection."

Chuck laughed. "Talented and modest. No wonder you’re the darling of the computer effects department."
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