Welcome to Powerstar


[Admin note: Powerstar is on indefinite hiatus, and is here for archival purposes. However, the character has since made an appearance in the Weaver’s Knight serial.]

In a world of power and secrecy, where adventure and intrigue are commonplace behind a veil of shadows, one hero has been empowered with a fantastic gift. Powerstar strives to protect the innocent, tear the veil, and reveal the truth to the world. However, his flashy powers and amazing resilience are as yet unable to overcome the deliberate blindness imposed on the mundane world.

In spite of his daily patrols over the most media-saturated city in the world and titanic battles against vicious Empowered rivals, to the rest of the world Powerstar does not exist.

Explore the core setting of WonderQuest — the world of the Empowered — with its mightiest hero as he searches for a way to reveal wonder to a world where wonder is everywhere, yet hidden from all save a lucky few.

For ease of reading the story in the correct order, the chapters are:

Prologue: Power RisingPart 1, Part 2, Part 3

Chapter One: Powerstar Does Not ExistPart 1, Part 2,

Chapter Two: The ComplexPart 1, Part 2, Part 3