Codex: Weave

From the library of Benjamin Mayer:

The Weave is the great mystery, even to us. There are five Elements and three Powers, and yet they total seven — because the Weave is both. Just as light is both particle and wave, Weave is both the firmament of reality and its most fundamental tool. Even the Weave, however, can only do so much without other Talents to manipulate it. An Adept wielding Weave alone is capable of creating or destroying good fortune and subtle connections, making or unraveling bonds by which Sympathy can be manipulated, and warding or welcoming creatures of Vision. Alone, however, it is a switch — on or off, existing or undoing. Weaving into a couple can make them both lucky, give them a sense of being connected or oddly separated, but alone it ends there. Weaving into a sword can make it a fell weapon that strikes true and cleaves ghosts. Neither pairing nor blade will do the “impossible” without other Talents, however.

Too many Weavers consider their Talent supreme, and find themselves overwhelmed when faced with a rival Adept skilled in other Talents — Conduction of Blaze, for example, or Adaptation of Anima. Weaving alone is a poor defense against one who can turn the energy of a hundred breezes into a needle of raw force, or transform fingers into claws of diamond strength and edge.

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