Codex: Talents

From the library of Benjamin Mayer:

The Union Majestic is an interface with what we laughingly refer to as “reality,” or more poetically, the Weave. Though we can change the fundamental nature of reality in ways great and small, it is not inherent to how our Talents work. Rather, we tell the building blocks of existence to do a thing, and it is done — if we do it properly. Through Inspiration, we drink of eternity, then channel that power back out through our selves. Through Evocation, we play the strings of the universe, and summon the power that works our will. Each method has its advantages and drawbacks, but both are inherently engaged with the nature of existence. It is a profound experience by necessity. Some feel the vastness of the world and are humbled. Others grasp the nature of what they do and grow proud. And so we are forever thrown into conflict, until the day when pride and humility themselves can manage a truce.

Talents can theoretically take on an endless variety of forms. Ancient arts, music of the spheres, and strange sciences classify the abilities of the Adept in many different ways. However, the Three-Fold Way of Elements, Powers and Flows are the most effective system yet devised. No other methodology has proven more (ahem) adept at distilling the infinite wonders of existence into discrete, manageable areas of influence. Even those who are not trained in an existing order tend to intuitively grasp the Three-Fold Way, either through psychic awareness or morphic resonance. After all, there’s far more than a hundred monkeys using it now.

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