Codex: Flows

From the library of Benjamin Mayer:

There are a thousand expressions of an Adept’s Talents, but all are ultimately made manifest by one of the two Forms. Inspiration draws the majestas into the Adept, becoming a wellspring of might that is then directed by will and technique. Those who channel the Union through themselves are capable of greater immediacy with their Talents, and are more difficult to douse. Suppressing a channeler requires disrupting the connection between Adept and Majesty — quite a challenge under most circumstances. However, channeled Talents are dependent on the direction and will of the Adept. Inspiration can forge permanent blessings to the body, mind and spirit of an Adept, as any foolish enough to strike at a Ghost Dragon will learn to their sorrow. However, they cannot create lasting enchantments on other forms, their Majestic effects fading when the Adept can no longer maintain a technique. The only lasting physical wonders they can create are of Majestech, using those principles of the Talents inherent to the world to create devices of Adept Science.

Evocation requires the use of techniques that engage with the world. Words of power, gestures that gather the Weave, icons drawn or carved or forged — the methods of the summoner are as varied as all the crafts and arts of humanity. Evocation is usually easier to learn than Inspiration, more easily healing the wound of the Breaking, as human minds are accustomed to the use of tools. Alas, this makes disarming a summoner all too easy. The techniques of these Adepts take time, whether seconds or hours, and without the freedom to use their tools, Evocation is impossible. All the same, many summoners are happy to accept this limitation in exchange for the ability to imbue the world with lasting wonders. Wards that protect a house for days, amulets that bless the wearer for a lifetime, an enchanted sword whose glories are written in eternity, all these things are possible through Evocation. They, too, can wield Majestech, combining “science” with “magic” to create unparalleled talismans whose legends resonate across ages.

Inspiration and Evocation are not mutually exclusive, but it is quite rare for an Adept to learn anything of the Form opposite of the one that accompanied Empowerment. It is even rarer for an Adept to develop true skill in both. It is a miracle that any human, born Broken, can manage the leap of insight, faith or enlightenment that permits the development of Inspiration or Evocation. To broaden the mind to what amounts to alien techniques, methods that flow in a Form opposite to what feels natural and instinctive, requires a rare soul even among the Adept. It can be done, however. Once the second Empowerment is managed, Inspiration and Evocation alike are ultimately skills to be fostered. This requires time, opportunity, dedication and an open mind, but there’s no metaphysical barrier to developing both Forms once the first step is taken in each.

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