Codex: Powerstar

A mild-mannered special effects programmer Empowered when he survived literally poisonous sabotage from a disgruntled co-worker, John Wilson took his Talents and a costume gifted him by grateful friends and became Powerstar, arguably the world’s first superhero. Alas, the Complex declared that “Powerstar does not exist,” and he toiled in obscurity for years, so careful to hide from his enemy that he ended up avoiding the Alliance of Wonder as well, entirely by accident. His fiancé, Heather Wing, operates as something of a handler (and, thanks to a Vision bond, a second set of senses) while she works as a DJ at KXNX.

Robin notes: Powerstar was my first project set in what became the Majestic universe, and has John’s origin story and his first encounter with Martinez and company. However, as an early iteration of the setting, a few names and phrases are different — Empowered was the universal term for the Majestic, the Four Allies were already a true Alliance of Wonder, and Division One had a different name, among other changes. Therefore, the Powerstar stories can be considered “broad strokes” canon, but not every detail is exact.

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