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Robin Flanagan (they/them), aka Peter Flanagan, was born in the Bronx, New York, giving them the right to root for the New York Yankees while making less than six figures. After a pleasant interregnum in suburban Connecticut and a brief stint in southern Florida, they moved to the Inland Empire, California to be with their wonderful wife and muse, a stepson, and a crazed feline. An occasionally too-avid player of tabletop roleplaying games since they were ten, their other passion is metaphysics, which informs most of their fiction.

Robin currently serves as Creative Director of Dyskami Publishing, focusing on world and character design for their Big Eyes Small Mouth, Absolute Power, and Anime 5e lines. Their published work includes “The High Cost of Living” for an Accordlands anthology, as well as game content for West End Games’ DC Universe RPG, 7th Sea first edition, Guardians of Order’s Silver Age Sentinels, multiple d20 projects, and Dramatis Personae for BESM. As a mixed race, non-binary neo-pagan, they are also a living progressive Bingo card. They have never performed magic that caused scientifically measurable changes to reality, but found true love, which should be enough for anyone.

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